• Sabal Palm Trees
  • Sabal Palm Trees

Sabal Palm Trees

The sabal palm is also known as cabbage palm and sabal palmetto.

It is native to the southeast coast of the United States and is hardy to USDA zone 8a. Brunswick County, NC is USDA
zone 8a.

It is highly tolerant of salt winds, but not saltwater flooding.

Our sabals are grown in Florida and have a “hurricane” cut on top before  they are transported. It takes at least one growing season before the top will push back out.

The trunk can be left natural and stay “booted” to the ground. It can be shaved half way for the “cigar cut” or it can be “slick cut” up to the beginning of the green. It is only a matter of personal preference and what best matches your surrounding area.

It takes a machine (48-60 inches in width) to move and install these large, heavy trees so you need to consider if there are any obstacles in your yard including existing plants and fencing that may prohibit install.